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About The Sydney Skinny

We want to help make the world a slightly nicer place – one swimmer at a time. Our intention is for everyone to come out of the ocean feeling more optimistic, happier and connected.

The Nude Swim that’s not about Nudity

The Sydney Skinny has nothing to do with being SEEN nude.

In fact we go to great lengths to make sure you aren’t seen nude – sarongs being given to everyone as they come out of the water.

It is an all ticketed, no spectator event in a secluded national park where everyone is fully clothed off the beach and the only nudity is on the beach before you dive into the water.  Apart from our ‘Media waves’ 1 & 2, this event is entirely media free.

So why bother making the event nude? Because that is what makes The Sydney Skinny so magical.

nothing but beautiful

It is about personally challenging yourself to step ever-so-slightly outside your comfort zone – in a way that is emancipating. That strips life back to its bare essentials. That forces you to accept your real self. That momentarily frees you from the stifling shackles modern society so often puts on us. And importantly encourages you to break free from your own self-imposed limitations.

Swimming nude is about being honest, fully alive and human.

It helps you draw a line in the sand, let go of the past and come out of the water somehow cleansed and focused anew on the future and making the most of your life in a way that is meaningful to you. It also feels great.

As many of us will remember from our more carefree youth there are few things as joyous and uplifting as a naked swim in beautifully clean ocean waters. Done alone it is wonderful. Done as part of a like-minded community it is simply fantastic, memorable and often life changing. It just wouldn’t be the same with a cossie on.

not about nudity