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The Project

With the majority of Sydney offering a coastal walkway for Australians and International Tourists to enjoy, we decided that we would like to contribute to the construction of a proposed track at Middle Head.

The Middle Head area offers spectacular views providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy our magnificent harbour and world class events.

With amazing forts on offer, we want to assist the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife to construct a track to link the forts and provide a safe track to Chowder bay Road.

nsw parks wildlife services

This track will complement the existing track network in the area and we want to make it happen with all the people who love being natural, who support our cause and join us for the fun at The Sydney Skinny.

Currently, it’s going to cost approximately $1,000 per meter to construct the walkway around the headland and with 1.5km of walkway to build, we’re in for a big project cost of approximately $1.5 million. We don’t expect to achieve this goal in the first year, so we’ll be aiming to complete the walkway in sections.

Walkway Construction

There’s already a completed walkway section which guides people down to the Eastern edge of Middle Head with an outlook of Sydney Harbour and Australia’s oldest 1801 military fort.

middle head national park fundraising project

Upgraded Area

The second area to be upgraded is the section between the Trust Managed Land at Chowder Bay and the 1801 fort which is located within Sydney Harbour National Park. Currently walker have to use Chowder Bay Road which has no footpath and traffic volumes have increased significantly since the Harbour Trust’s revitalisation of Chowder Bay.

This section of walk will take visitors past two nationally significant fortifications – the Beehive and the armoured casemates. Both of these structures were built in the 1870s and they are truly magnificent. Walkers will also enjoy amazing vistas through the heads and a variety of vegetation types including remnant littoral rainforest. Essentially the aim is to reconnect the forts thus enabling visitors to gain a deeper understanding about Sydney’s defence heritage.

We’re extremely excited to be supporting this project and hope to commence construction in the very near future.