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Middle Head National Park

Historic Sydney Site

Middle Head is a nationally significant historic site and part of Sydney Harbour National Park. The buildings and fortifications on this rocky headland demonstrate different themes of military history. The natural vegetation, sheer rocky cliffs and views of the harbour spectacularly compliment these structures.


Middle Head served as an important location for the defence of Sydney for over 150 years. The headland provided a perfect location for defence. It allowed coverage of every vessel entering or quitting the harbour. The natural protection of steep surrounding cliffs made it ideal for the placement of guns, observation posts, searchlights and other defensive structures.

A magnificent history dating back to 1801 when a battery was cut from sandstone facing Obelisk Bay, the site is truly an amazing piece of Australia history and it’s our pleasure to be a part of the rejuvenation project.

What’s on at the Middle Head National Park?

Middle Head offers a range of activities to any persons who want to get involved, from volunteering, to helping with the community vegetable garden, corporate team building activities and more. The information provided below is just a sneak peak into what’s going on but if you would like to actively get involved, please contact the Middle Head local Ranger Mel Tyas on 02 8968 6309.


National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) has a proud tradition of working with volunteers in a wide range of projects. Examples of volunteer opportunities include bush regeneration, flora and fauna surveys, threatened species management, culture and heritage conservation, working in information centres and conducting guided tours.

The Middle Head team are also responsible for managing the marine wildlife that enters Sydney Harbour, ensuring the safety of the marine wildlife until it departs from the harbour.

Any persons wishing to volunteer their time to Middle Head, please contact local Ranger Mel Tyas on 02 8968 6309.

Corporate team building activities

Many people live and work around Sydney Harbour without realising the extensive areas of national park that surround them. The Sydney Harbour National Park comprises the harbour entrance, natural bushland, secluded sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and harbour islands. As well as providing habitat for our native flora and fauna, the park contains remarkable Aboriginal heritage and Australian military history.

Centrally located to the Sydney CBD, Middle Head Precinct of Sydney Harbour National Park is a wonderful place to hold your corporate team building day. Boasting fortifications that date back to 1801, beautiful bushland and evidence of Aboriginal occupation, this is the ideal spot for your staff to immerse themselves in their surroundings while working with their team mates to bring the bush and cultural heritage back to life.

Some of the activities at hand for corporate events include: 

  • Bring the bush back to life
  • Team building challenge
  • Kayak Clean Up on Sydney Harbour

Any corporations interested in these activities should contact Middle Head local Ranger Mel Tyas on 02 8968 6309.

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