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50m Swim Sprint Wave

​For the very first time, the Sydney Skinny is adding a wave for those of us with a competitive edge.

Introducing the UltraSprints Wave, a 50m swim sprint. This exciting sprint wave is free to enter for all participating swimmers to swim again and prove their speed! *Limited spaces available.


Ultrasprints is an exciting new format of sporting competition that brings high energy sporting events to large groups of spectators in exciting central locations. Through a combination of competition reformatting and the selection of unique and unexpected locations.

Ultrasprints guarantees high levels of excitement and entertainment for both participants and spectators, and maximum exposure for sporting organisations and sponsors.

Ultrasprints rescales competitive events to remove the need for special purpose venues, moves events to where people already congregate, and adds peripheral excitement to give spectators a memorable and exciting experience.

The Ultrasprints format can be applied to most competitive sports to achieve benefits for sporting organisations, competitors, spectators and sponsors. Sports best suited to the Ultrasprints format are those that involve racing (distance over time) but there are few sports that couldn’t be adapted to fit this format.

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