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Raising money and awareness for Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife.

It’s easy – visit the dedicated donations & fundraising page and throw your support behind protection & conservation of our National Parks & Wildlife.

National parks are public areas that protect native plants, animals and their habitats. They display natural beauty and include sites of importance to Aboriginal people. A visit to a national park has become an Australian tradition. Many enjoy the inspiring places that our national parks provide.


The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (Foundation) is an independent and apolitical not-for-profit. The NSW Lands Minister, the Hon. Tom Lewis, set up the organisation in 1970 as the fundraising arm of the state’s National Parks & Wildlife Service.

The Foundation now operates nationally, and supports both on and off park conservation works. It raises funds and awareness for the benefit of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage.

PLEASE help us today by creating your own Sydney Skinny fundraising page, or show your support by donating directly – the funds raised will ensure you and your supporters leave an environmental legacy for tomorrow.

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Make a Donation to the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

Visit Everyday Hero to setup your fundraising page.

Or you can simply donate directly to Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife on the Everyday Hero page, if you are unable to become a fundraising supporter.