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Be a part of something special this Sunday morning!

Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It’s less than one week till the 2015 Sydney Skinny – are you joining the fun?

We love that many of you use your Sydney Skinny swim as a re-set or a marker to get serious with your goals for 2015. There are swimmers joining us for body image & self acceptance motivations, fundraising challenges, or those wanting to take part in an unmissable Sydney experience…

The thing that humbles us most, is that taking part in the Sydney Skinny is a personal journey for everyone. In past years there’s been an incredible sense of humanity, courage and search for exhilaration which has united all swimmers on the day… Sound good for the soul?  Get your tickets here…

Be a part of a NEW WORLD RECORD Sunday!!

We are thrilled to share with you that there are officially more entrants than ever before! So we will be setting a new World Record as the the world’s biggest nude ocean swim!!!

For those of you who are still yet to enter – waves 3, 4 & 5 are sold out!

The media waves; wave 1 & 2, still have some spots available… these waves are always a lot of fun with people dressing up with crazy swim caps, accessories or body painting. This year we hear that there will be a couple of “personalities” who will be swimming too… BUT you’ve got to be in it these waves to be a part of it!

Alternatively, get your buddies together, chose from wave 6 onwards and make a date for a swim with a difference next Sunday! Enter here…

If you’ve already entered, this is the week to REMIND or TELL ALL your friends, colleagues, family and anyone who will listen that YOU ARE DOING THE SYDNEY SKINNY on SUNDAY!

Encourage them to join you and while your at it, ask them to support you and fundraise for Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife.

We have set up a generic fundraising page for all those people who don’t want to set one up for themselves, please share this link with anyone who you think will support you in your nudie swim! See the fundraising page here

Have you been procrastinating about doing The Sydney Skinny? What’s stopping you from entering? If you have a question/concern email us here 

We will send out one last email on Wednesday with links to the swimmer information booklet, which will also be available on the website Latest News page from Tuesday.

So stay tuned, get excited and have a wonderful week knowing you are going to be diving in with 1,000 others on Sunday!