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New Year Joy!

Posted on Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We hope you had a brilliant end to 2014 – celebrating, reminiscing and focusing on the good that you experienced.

There’s only a little over 7 weeks until the world’s cheekiest ocean swim returns – have you got your tickets yet?

We have a special offer for you… thanks to our good friends at nudie juice, we are launching a New Year Joy ticket deal where you get 4 tickets for only $110 (waves 3-12 only).

Almost 400 people have already signed up and we are well on our way to having more than 1,000 swimmers in 2015! So grab 3 of your friends and get your New Year Joy deal here!


The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, founded in 1970, is a proudly independent not-for-profit organisation. It acquires high conservation value land to gift to Australia’s publically owned national parks and protected places. It also funds threatened species recovery actions, cultural heritage conservation works, and provides community environmental education throughout Australia.

The Sydney Skinny loves Sydney Harbour National Park as it offers spectacular views, wonderful walks and beautiful beaches. The foundation helps to fund conservation and protection of the natural flora and fauna of the area.

Swim for a cause – it’s easy! Just go to everydayhero and click on the start fundraising button – simply fill out 4 details (only!). Then email all your friends & family, boast about how much fun your are going to have at SS2015, challenge them to join you and ask them to support you swim!

So what are you waiting for… don’t be that person who wishes they’d done something – make 2015 the year you take every opportunity to put some exhilaration, joy and freedom back into your life! ENTER HERE NOW!

We look forward to celebrating living with greater acceptance, courage and joy at the 2015 Sydney Skinny.

Joy & love.

The Sydney Skinny Team

Have you got plans on 1st March 2015? You do now!!

Posted on Tuesday, June 03, 2014

To our fabulous friends & fans from all over the world

We have one question for you…

Have you got plans on 1st March 2015? You do now!!

We have been overwhelmed with the hundreds of wonderful people contacting us to find out the 2015 date – so flights can be booked, groups can organised and Sunday’s can be blocked out!   

The 1st March is a week later than our 2014 date and this later date is due to the tidal times and heights for that time of year.

As you all know it is a beautiful, protected beach and as such we need to select a date which will fall on a low tide, giving us the biggest beach possible on the event morning. 

So next question – when do entries open?

Now. Yes, that’s right we have just pressed go on the ticketing website (thanks to our friends at TryBooking) so you can jump on, select the wave you would like to swim in and get your 2015 swim entry locked in! ENTER HERE NOW

Have you seen what our friend & Sydney Skinny ambassador Taryn Brumfitt has been up to? Taryn is on a mission to spread the message of positive, healthy body image and “shift the way women think about themselves and their bodies” through creating a documentary called Embrace

Taryn has identified building positive body image is a global challenge and has big aspirations for creating positive change. Check out the Embrace project here and join more than 6,945 others (at time of this email) who have thrown their support behind Taryn.


New stuff for 2015

We are offering an early bird entry deal called “BYO Buddy“!

The deal is 2 tickets for $55 + booking fee in any wave from wave 3-12. This is our way to say thank you for all your support and enthusiasm for the The Sydney Skinny to return in 2015. Helping you share the love and inspire a friend to join in the fun…

Did someone say Party Wave? Last year so many people said they wanted to do another lap after their first… and we wanted a way to celebrate the end of the day. So the last wave of the day will now be known as the Party Wave – where anyone that has swam in an earlier wave can do another lap and be a part of the official closing fun of the 2015 swim. It will be too much fun!

We need to know who’s going to join in on the Party Wave – so when you enter an earlier wave, a special code will be within your entry confirmation email. Just input this code in the Promo Code field when you get to the payment page, so you get your Party Wave ticket for free! 

One last thing – we are adding a 2nd media wave. Yes, the most popular wave (sold out in 4 days last year) is being extended into 2 waves in 2015: wave 1 & 2. So more of your can get in on the action, so we keep the media folk friendly and so our wonderful protectors from Abacus Security can have the time to assist all those non-swimmers from the beach prior to the rest of the waves starting… 

Have you seen the wonderful video our friends from Projekta created at last year’s swim? Watch it here and get inspired for the 3rd Sydney Skinny in 2015!

We look forward to sharing the joy with you all in the lead up to the 2015 Sydney Skinny. We will keep you posted on all the news and event developments with a monthly email… so stay tuned.

Joy & love.
The Sydney Skinny Team

2014 Sydney Skinny Video

Posted on Monday, March 31, 2014

The team from Projekta have made an inspired video showing the world just how much fun the being a part of The Sydney Skinny is.

We would like to say a huge thanks to the Projekta team for their time, passion and commitment to telling the Sydney Skinny story. We look forward to the entire team from Projekta putting their cameras down and joining us for a swim in 2015.


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