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What’s the best fun you can have on Sunday 23rd February?

Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2014

For those who joined us last year…. you are an incredibly special group of people (obviously!!).

You are the ONLY people who can honestly say you have been a part of The Sydney Skinny since its inception.

Imagine… in 10 years’ time being able to say YOU were a part of EVERY Sydney Skinny!

So who’s joining us? It’s only 3 weeks till the big event! 

We are thrilled almost 300 adventurous souls have signed up already to take part! We are excited that the world record (nude ocean swim) will be smashed this year – and we’d love you to be a part of it! 

Don’t regret missing out, like Suzanne did last year! Sign up here

“I am so disappointed I pulled out at the last minute, but happiness for those in my group who mustered the courage to follow through. How liberating!” Suzanne, 2013.

Remember that feeling of elation, celebration and positivity… join us again to be a part of a joyous community event that focuses on what unites us, not what divides us!

Have you started fundraising for Foundtion for National Parks & Wildlife?

FNPW is an independant conservation organisation that loves every aspect of Australia’s cultural and natural heritage. They are dedicated to protecting and conserving, ensuring a positive environmental legacy is left for future generations.

Go to the Sydney Skinny 2014 everyday hero page to quickly set up your fundraising page. The 1st 10 to register will receive a $20 Budgy Smuggler voucher & the 1st 3 to raise over $500 will receive a $50 Budgt Smuggler voucher.

Every dollar helps, so fundraise, donate or support one of the fundraisers like Pip who’s raised over $1,400 already – awesome effort Pip!!

Have you heard what our friends from nudie are up to? 

Join the nudie 10 Days of Courage Challenge! 

To celebrate nudie’s partnership with us, they are bringing you the ’10 Days of Courage Challenge’ – encouraging you to do one courageous thing every day for 10 days (sharing your journey via your social media networks). Sound good?! We think so! Click here to register now!

“The Sydney Skinny is a rare occasion to create life long memories, expanding your horizons and having a wonderful time…in a beautiful natural setting, all on a Sunday morning!”