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Did you hear …?

Posted on Thursday, March 21, 2013

We have not stopped since the big day last month and we would like to say a big thanks to everybody for their incredible excitement and enthusiasm for The Sydney Skinny.

We have been inundated by people wanting to know the 2014 date… people planning trips from the UK, US, Netherlands, Japan and all over Australia!

So we are thrilled to announce that we have set the 2014 Sydney Skinny  – grab your diaries, call the travel agency, message your mates. Whatever you need to do – block out Sunday 23rd February 2014.

We will be in touch with you all (entrants, supporters, subscribers and friends) in coming months with a VIP ticket offer and of course more news…

Keep up the swimming… or whatever raises you pulse & brings joy to your life!

See you on Sunday 24th February 2014