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Posted on Friday, February 22, 2013

the sydney skinny event day

Woo Hoo, we did it Sydney, The Sydney Skinny will now be known as the world’s 1st nude ocean swim!

The weather gods shone down on us and delivered a sparkling Sydney Summer Sunday on the 17th February 2013. We could not have asked for a better day to showcase the beautiful Middle Head Precinct of Sydney Harbour National Park and of course the idyllic Cobblers Beach.

THANK YOU to each and every one of you who joined us! We have heard so many stories from the day and we were thrilled with the incredible positivity and excitement shown by all on the day.

We would like to thank our presenting partner nudie for helping us create a fun, joyous event and making the Sydney Skinny a part of their 10th Birthday celebrations! We loved seeing everyone’s faces light up when they saw the beach and we had great feedback on the nudie swim bouys and how much everyone loved getting a nudie swim cap!

Also thanks to our skin care sponsor, Ella Bache , for ensuring everyone was protected with their great SPF 50+ suncream and also helping us take care of our clothes on the beach. We loved the bright pink Ella Bache sail boat in the middle of the course too!

Sending a couple of big shout-outs to:

– The team from Abacus Security, whom provided professional and supportive security for all people and throughout the entire event site. We really appreciate your expertise in events and crowd management.

Dail-a-Dump Industries were also another supporting partner whom greatly assisted us, proving waste management services and equipment. Their support helped us ensure the National Park was left in a pristine condition, and we were also able to dispose of rubbish which looked like it had been there a very long time.

– The awesome Dmc Swim crew for coming down and showing off their great swim gear. We absolutely loved the Craz! Caps (especially the viking cap!), the fins and the front snorkle are fantastic and will definitely be getting a work out in training for next year!  

– Many of you may have met Dunstan from Bare Fish whom personally swam the course (a couple of times!) guiding and assisting swimmers to acheive their goal of completing the 900m course. A huge thanks to Dunstan for supporting and encouraging all swimmers!

The Sydney Skinny hopes to have raised almost $15,000 for Foundation for NSW National Parks & Wildlife, and would like to say a huge thank you and congratulations to the incredible efforts of all fundraisers, especially Kath Anderson, Paul Martin and Sara Garcia! Between the 3 of them raised over $2,200!

We couldn’t have had such a great time without the help of the Middle Head Rangers and volunteers who helped us in the lead up to the event and on the day. Also thanks to Phil Moore for setting the mood down on the beach with his beautifiul spanish guitar. Go to our Facebook page to get Phil’s details for your next event.

We have received incredible feedback and support from many to joined us and we are already working hard on The Sydney Skinny 2014! Our goal is to improve on everything we did in 2013 and bring a whole lot more enjoyment to you all.

As a sign of our dedication to inaugural Sydney Skinny participants and supporters, we will be sending out a special invite prior to launching the 2014 event. You all made the day such a joyous experience and we want to be sure you feel as special as we think you are… so stay tuned to our Facebook page and expect a VIP invite sometime before August!

Lastly the Sydney Skinny Founder, Nigel Marsh, celebrated his birthday at the inaugural Sydney Skinny and we wanted to share with you some of Nigel’s feelings about the day… 

“It was the most utterly joyous day. Everyone approached it with the right spirit. Even the weather smiled on us. All I can remember is people encouraging each other, smiling and laughing. Heartfelt thanks to all for your support and feedback. We REALLY appreciate it. We will be back next year bigger and better having learnt all the lessons from our inauguaral event.”

the sydney skinny event
the sydney skinny event the sydney skinny event

Thanks for being a part of the inaugural event and please stay tuned on this page and our Facebook page for updates and news as we build towards 2014!

 The Sydney Skinny Team