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Event FAQs

Here’s some of the various questions we have been asked over the years:

1. What is Registration and where is this held?
Registration is compulsory for all swimmers to attend. You must sign your name off and collect your swimmer wristband. Our registration team will direct you to the festival area and also the marshaling area where you can wait prior to your swim being called. The registration tent is one of the first stalls on the right as you walk into the event, you can’t miss it. 

2. Where will I shake off my covers and let the sun kiss my skin?

Our friendly event team will guide you from the event festival area, down the walkway to Cobblers Beach. Once at Cobblers, you can slip out of your clothing and start your swim. Once you have completed your swim, if you are a little shy about getting out of the water, you will be given a sarong to help you and commemorate your Skinny swim. 

3. Why is this Event fully ticketed?

The event is deliberately designed to be a smaller, private event – both for comfort and for safety.

4. Are you a little bashful but want to experience the Sydney Skinny?

We don’t want people to miss out on all the excitement simply because they are a little shy. So if it helps, you can make your way into the water, slip out of your clothes / swim suit and one of our team will retrieve your clothes for you.

5. Do I have to reveal myself to the world to participate in the swim?

If you’re still a little unsure about getting Skinny at our event, you don’t have to drop the clothes to participate. If you want to swim with your partner and feel like you don’t want to get Skinny, that’s fine with us, as long as we’re giving people the chance to share the joyous experience of this event.

6. How is the photography controlled?

 We completely understand these concerns hence why we have strict rules in place to protect those whom don’t want to be involved in the media/coverage.

•    Media & photographers are only allowed on the beach for wave #1 & #2 of the swim.
•    All Media and event photographers will be removed from the beach area/view of the beach at the completion of wave #2 and prior to wave #3 being allowed on the beach.
•    Abacus security provided security services for us for the last two years and will be there again this year – with even stricter guidelines and timing to follow to remove media/photographers.
•    We will only use photographs of the beach / swim from wave #1 & #2 on the website/Facebook/Twitter. No other swim pics will be used unless they are sent to us by members of the public wanting them to be used.
•    We have strict permit of Cobblers Beach water way. This means boats will be kept away from the swim area for the duration of the event, as added protection for our participants.
7. What if I can’t find my clothes after the swim?

We will have sarongs for all swimmers, handed to you by our wonderful volunteers, so that if you would like to cover up after your swim you can.

8. How far must I be able to swim to participate in the 300m event?

The 300m swim has been introduced for those who don’t feel they can make the 900m course. It’s not for people who are less capable of swimming, it’s simply for those who cannot complete 900m. You should be able to swim at least 500m without stopping to participate in the 300m event. For reference sake, 500m, is 10 laps of a 50m pool or 20 laps of a 25m pool… how achievable is that!

So bring your flippers, floaties, pool noodles and soft “boogie” boards if you wish… there will be lots of water safety on boards in the water – so you can have a rest and then keep going if needed.  

9. How far must I be able to swim to participate in the 900m swim?

The swim is 900m, in deep water, so you should be able to swim 1km without stopping to participate. For reference sake, 900m, is 18 laps of a 50m pool or 36 laps of a 25m pool… how achievable is that! So bring your flippers, floaties, pool noodles and soft “boogie” boards if you wish… there will be lots of water safety on boards in the water – so you can have a rest and then keep going if needed.  

10. If I start one of the swims either 300m or 900m and I don’t feel up to it, can I turn and swim back? Or do I have the opportunity to extend my swim to the 900m?
Everyone in the swim will start together, no matter which swim distance they are doing. Those whom are only swimming the 300m will turn at the first buoy whilst others will continue further out to the second buoy on the course.
Each swimmer has the right to change their mind along the way, if you have entered in the 900m swim but during don’t feel up for it you are more than welcome to turn around and head back to the beach.
If you registered to swim the 300m but are feeling great on the day you are welcome to swim the full course around the 3 buoys.
11. Can I use a swimming or floatation aid?

Absolutely. If you can swim 1km without stopping but want the security of wearing flippers in the water, that’s fine with us. You can even wear a set of floaties if you like, but all swimmers must be able to swim the distance without the need to stop.

12. Will there be water safety lifeguards on the water?

Absolutely, we’ll have a team of people on the water, we’ll even have some boats out there to make sure all the other Sydney Harbour Vessels stay clear of the swim course.

13. What if I get panicked in the water?

You can attract the attention of the water safety lifeguards; they will come and assist you until you catch your breath.

14. How do I attract the attention of the water safety lifeguards?

You can raise your arm and wave for assistance or give us a big shout.

15. Can I bring the family along?

Absolutely, the kids can come along and wait for you in the festival area while you go Skinny, they just can’t participate in the swim.

16. If a parent buys a ticket for the child will the child be allowed to swim?

Security will not allow anyone under the age of 18 down to the beach whilst the event is running. Children are welcome to enjoy the festival area.

17. When can I go down to the beach with my child?

At the completion of the swim, which will be approximately 1pm. We have exclusive use of the beach for the event, however outside of this event you are welcome to enjoy Cobblers Beach as you wish.

18. I look really young, will I be allowed to go down to the beach?

If you are blessed with youthful looks, one of our friendly volunteers will check your ID at the registration tables and give you your swimmer wristband.

19. Do you have child minders so I can go do the swim?

We cannot assume responsibility for your children, so please bring a friend / family member to look after them whilst you are swimming.

20. After I swim am I allowed to hang around on the beach?
We do ask that swimmers exit the beach at the commencement of the next wave. We aim to make all of our wonderful swimmers as comfortable as possible, we do not want them to feel that there are any spectators on the beach whilst stripping down, everyone on the beach must be swimming and joining in so no one feels out of place!
Due to the size of the beach and in order to prevent crowds and delays after each wave group we are limited to the amount of people that can be accommodated on the beach at the one time.
21. What are the parking arrangements?
By car – we encourage everyone to use public transport to and from the event. There is all day parking along Middle Head Road, there are parking spaces at George’s Heights Oval and there is limited metered parking at Middle Head – Sydney Harbour National Park.

By Ferry – The ferries commence from Circular Quay at 8:55am arriving in Mosman from 9:07am, Sydney Skinny busses will be on rotation between the wharf, Mosman Junction and Middle Head – Sydney Harbour National Park.

Transport App – Try ‘Trip View Sydney’ app for all public transport options.
Bus Options
By Bus – There a many bus routes that travel from Sydney CBD and North Sydney.
•    Bus no. 244 & 247 from Wynyard to Mosman Junction from 6 -30am
•    Bus no. 190 from Haymarket to The Spit Junction from 7am
•    Bus no. 190, 178, 180 from Wynyard to The Spit Junction from 7am
•    Bus no. 143 & 144 from Chatswood to The Spit Junction from 8 -14am
•    Bus no. 169 & 173 from Allambie Heights to The Spit Junction from 8am
•    Bus no. 190 from Palm Beach to The Spit Junction from 7am
•    Bus no. 230 from Miller St (corner Berry St) from 8 -43am
•    Bus no. 184, 180 & 178 from Brookvale to The Spit Junction from 7am
* These bus times and routes were accurate at the time of publishing, please check with Sydney Busses prior to event day to avoid disappointment

We’re currently working through 2019 transport and will update you as soon as we can!
22. How far is the walk from The Spit Junction to the private coaches?

It’s approximately 1km walk from The Spit Junction to Mosman Junction where the private coaches will be picking up participants.

23. How far is the walk from The Spit Junction to Middle Head – Sydney Harbour National Park?

The total distance from The Spit Junction to the event site is 3.4km which could take up to 1hr to complete.

24. How much of my registration fee goes to the Charlie Teo Foundation?

Please Note: Producing a quality outdoor activity event is an expensive exercise! It is integral to us, to run as lean as possible while still maintaining the highest of safety and quality standards. In order to do so your full registration fee goes directly to the operational costs of running the event (Surf Life Savers, Park Hire, Security, etc). Yet again we have held the ticket price despite rising costs, and encourage you all to please make a donation to the Charlie Teo Foundation. This can be done during the checkout process and 100% of the donation will go directly to the foundation as well as by donating directly to their Everyday Hero page or setting up your own fundraising page!