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Sydney Harbour National Park

The Sydney Skinny takes place in beautiful Middle Head, Sydney Harbour National Park. It’s a spectacular place and one part of its rich history makes it particularly relevant for us to do so. Just after the British arrived, an accidental meeting of Red Coats and First Australians took place on the sand at Cobblers Beach, or Cubba Cubba as it is also know. After they were done with nervously looking at these strange white and fully clothed beings, the Aboriginal people pushed their spears into the sand in a gesture of welcome and began to dance. Eventually the Red Coats threw off their clothes and joined them in a joyous celebration of friendship.

Aside from the Skinny and the rich cultural heritage, there is much to see and do in this wonderful place. There are forts dating all the way back to 1801, along with the infamous ‘Tiger Cages’, in which Australian soldiers were prepared for the Vietnam War – thrilling and chilling at all the same time. If nature is more your thing, Middle Harbour is an important ecological site, with an extraordinary heath, littoral rainforest and some amazing wildlife – many unique to this area. There are also a range of activities that can be booked by visiting the NPWS website.

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